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When you decide to send your child to a top private school or preparatory academy, you’re not just setting them up for a bright future. You’re also going to receive the full benefits of independent education.

Independent schools are organized as non-discriminatory and not-for-profit corporations and run by a board of directors. Unlike public schools, which are run by the government, or parochial schools which are run by a diocese, independent schools are governed completely by their own board.

They’re also financed independently. This means that they raise money and charge tuition to operate instead of being run on money from religious subsidies or public taxes.

So what does this mean for your child when they begin at their preparatory academy, private middle school or private high school?

  1. Mission Statement

    Independent schools are able to define their own mission. This means that they can determine their goals in teaching students, their responsibilities to the community, and what they want children to get out of an education. This is why you may find a school that serves as a college preparatory academy or a school that focuses on cultivating artistic talent.
  2. Control Over Admissions

    Independent schools have complete control over who they decide to admit. This often means that they’ll only accept students who will benefit from their educational mission, or students that they believe will excel. This means your child will be surrounded by the best and brightest.
  3. Subject Determination

    Teachers at independent schools aren’t held back by rigid state curricular requirements, which means they have the freedom to teach what they consider important. Rather than learning to take tests, your child could actually learn important skills for later in life.
  4. Teachers

    Independent schools can determine their hiring requirements for teachers, so they can choose to hire teachers who are passionate, not just teachers who have gone through the motions of getting a teaching degree.

All of these freedoms benefit your child and help them get a more well-rounded and fulfilling education.

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