It is natural for every parent to be greatly invested in the education of their child, since a good education is the key to any child’s future success. This means not only finding the best day schools, such as middle and high schools, but even finding the best preschools in the area. While attending preschool is not mandatory, many parents are indeed sending their children to the best private preschools or top rated public ones, and the benefits are many. Often, parents will look up a local preschool when they move to a new city or county, and they can look online. A search such as “Kendall preschools near me” or “top rated private Kendall preschools” is a good start. And what about finding elementary, middle, and high schools, too?

Finding Those Preschools

As mentioned above, more American households than ever are sending their children aged three to five to preschools, and this is true for household of all different backgrounds. From 1990 to 2008, the rate of preschool attendance rose quite a bit, and the benefits are numerous. At preschool, as opposed to a regular day care, a child will get used to an academic setting and learn how to learn. This can give them a head start when they start going to kindergarten, and the young students may so meet their peers and get used to following directions from adults (the teachers) who are not their parents.

If parents do not already know a good preschool in the area that fits their needs, it is time to look online. The parents may want to specify their home city or town’s name, as well as their ZIP code and the type of preschool they are looking for. A search in Kendall, Florida may look like “public Kendall preschools near me” or “top rated Kendall preschools enrolling this fall” and find some results. The parents can strike out preschools that don’t fit the criteria, such as those that aren’t accepting new students or those with low average ratings. The parents can then tour the rest.

It is important to visit preschools in person, so the family can get a fair impression of what each preschool is like. While there, the parents may consult the staff working there and review the school’s funding, not to mention review each teacher’s credentials (work experience, educational background, etc). At the same time, the parents should check to ensure that their child feels comfortable there and gets along with the staff. In this way, the family can tour a number of preschools until they settle on a good one, and enroll their child there.

Finding Other Schools

Preschool is not mandatory, but a K-12 education certainly is. Finding an elementary, middle, or high school also means looking online, typically if the family just moved into the area. Here again, the parents can narrow down the search based on their city name and their ZIP code, and they can also choose from public and private schools of the desired type. The family will tour the best candidate schools around, and they can get a fair impression of each one while the parents consult the staff working there. The prospective student can explain why they did or did not like a school, and that child may describe what sort of programs or clubs they want a school to offer. A swim team, for example, or a marching band or a dedicated arts program.

Public schools are the majority, being federally run and funded, and they do not charge tuition. Their quality may vary, and parents should look for the best-rated ones in the area and visit them in person. Private schools are privately funded and run, hence the name, and tend to be well-financed and offer expert staff and counselors for the students. This leads to a top-tier education and good college opportunities, in exchange for tuition each year. Parents who can afford this may strongly consider that option, especially if their child plans to attend college. What is more, private school teachers report much lower incident rates of student apathy than public school teachers do. Private high schools also offer much more college counseling for their students.

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