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It is extremely common for children with autism spectrum disorders to suffer from sensory dysfunction or difficulties. Parents and schools for children with learning disabilities, however, are also catching on to a popular trend. By engaging children with special needs in high-sensory activities, teachers and parents alike see amazing results. What are some of the best sensory activities and games for children with autism?

Glitter Water Is Fun For Everyone

“Babies and toddlers learn about the world around them through their senses. If these are not working properly and are not in synch, they acquire a distorted view of the world around them and also of themselves,” education.com explains. Retraining young children to use these senses, however, can help restore associations and foster positive experiences.

Glitter water is one of most visually exciting ways to do that. Poor water, glitter, and small plastic letters into a bottle, and close it tightly. “Sparkly, glittery water is sure to attract little eyes. This alphabet bottle is fun to make and a great activity to keep your child busy either inside on a rainy day or traveling in the car,” education.com continues. “The craft helps kids recognize letters in a creative way, and is also a great time to start a quick conversation on recycling.”

Encourage Kids to Mold, Knead, and Shape Clay or Foam

Special needs schools recommend using materials that children can pick up and manipulate with their hands. Clay and foam work great! Add drops of food coloring to soap foam for an easy — and engaging — sensory activity. Children can mix the colors together for rainbow foam, pick it up, shape it into different forms, and the list goes on!

Challenge kids to use all of their senses with sensory activities and games for children with autism. Churn up some rainbow foam with kids, or ask kids to identify letters in bottles full of glitter water. For more about this, go here.

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